Friday, October 29, 2010

Technology Rentals Help Evaluate Office Spending

Small Business Computer RentalsIf you own a small business, then you know that buying the wrong office equipment can be a very costly mistake. That is why it is always best to try before you buy, so why not try renting your office equipment? I mean, we rent movies, we rent games, we rent appliances, heck, we even rent houses and cars so why should office equipment be any different?

There are many problems that renting a computer, or any piece of equipment for that matter, can help you avoid. Frequent travelers or commuters need portable technology that is both up-to-date and reliable. They need the assurance that their equipment is going to perform well and even travel well. Finding the right balance between portability and performance isn't easy.

Since the fastest machines can also be the heaviest, many people tend to sacrifice power for convenience. That is why it would probably be a good idea to try out your equipment first. You can rent a computer for a month which gives you the perfect amount of time to "test drive" it.

One common complaint that is heard throughout the technological rental world is that notebook batteries are not as good as they should be. Despite what the specifications say, you truly will not know how the battery performs until you test it for yourself.

Desktops and plasma rentals are very popular and come in a wide range of prices as well as a wide range of options. How can you really tell if the $800 model is better than the $600 model? You can make out a list of your basic needs, but until you see the computer in action, you won't be able to accurately determine if it is the right device for you.

But what is a computer without a monitor? Monitors vary greatly in their quality and response time and picture quality can vary drastically across models. Is the 24" monitor worth it or will the 18" do just fine? Renting a monitor will help you settle the dispute first hand.

With great computers comes great peripherals. Wired is out and wireless is in with today's tech savvy renters. However, even peripherals, like mice, have devices that are better than others. Do you go with a laser mouse or an optical mouse? Is the performance difference really worth the $40 to $60 price difference? Why not rent both and find out for yourself?

If you are like so many small businesses out there, then you know that there is little room to maneuver when it comes to budgeting. Spending more money than you necessarily have to is never a good option. A better solution is taking some of your budget and using it on a computer or equipment rental, ensuring that you know exactly what you are getting before you blow the big bucks on it.
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