Friday, December 14, 2007

Trade Show Display Rentals

As a business owner have you ever been invited to exhibit at a convention or trade show? Have you given it enough thought to investigate the cost and time required to design and purchase? If you have then you will be glad to know that a trade show display rental can help make your first trade show exhibit easier to afford and accomplish.

Trade shows are running all across the United States year-round, and if your company isn't being represented at your industry-specific trade shows you may be missing the boat on a large amount of extra business. Exposure can be the making or breaking point for your company, and it's just common sense to do everything you can to promote your company.

Attending trade shows can be an expensive habit though, with your average trade show display purchase running in excess of $5,000. Travel and equipment transport expenses, loss in productivity from time spent out of town, and the purchasing of the equipment you'll need to stock your booth can all add in making the final tally an expensive startup for a company interested in getting into the trade show scene.

With a Trade Show Display Rental from you can get a full display, plasma rental, video wall rental and audio visual rental at just a fraction of the cost of what it would take to purchase all of the equipment on your own, all delivered locally straight to your convention center cutting all of the legwork out of the process. has a history of working with nearly every convention center across the United States, making us your one stop provider for all Trade Show Rental needs. See our list of Convention Centers we deliver to.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Computer Rentals For Growth Cycles

Rent Computers During Business GrowthA computer rental can be a life saver in hundreds of situations that happen unexpectedly every day. But if your company plans to grow in the upcoming year then a computer rental might be something you should count on.

A computer rental during periods of business expansion can help offset the risk and the rapid outlay of capital that these times naturally bring.

Tech-Travel agents from can help your company keep costs down during a growth cycle as renting can provide you the computer rental and audio visual rental equipment you need to keep the job going at a fraction of the cost of a purchase.

With delivery to over 1000 cities worldwide, and mounting pressure to expand your office technology, don’t you think you should find our more on how a computer rental can help during your business growth cycle.

Computer Rentals For Business Growth Continues.