Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Intel Core Duo Apple iMac Desktop Computer Rental

The Intel Core Duo Apple i Mac computer rental represents the latest in raw computing power available for rent.

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Rent a laptop computer? Why? (Computer Rental Info)

Here are a few reasons to rent a laptop computer:laptop rentals

-If you need technology on short notice or for a short time, it is best to rent a laptop.
-If you need a large quantity of laptop computers for a training class, it is best to rent laptops.
-If your laptop computers are on back order but your staff isn't, it's best to rent laptops for immediate installation.
-If you need a wireless laptop computers for travel and all your company laptops and notebook computers are wired.
Intel Centrino & Intel Pentium M
Wireless Laptop Rentals

with integrated high speed Wi-Fi® (802.11g)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Contact Me, Your Tech Travel Agent for Computer Rentals

Contact me!
I'm your Technology Travel Agent
©*. I book all your computer rentals,
plasma rentals, projector rentals, printer rentals or other technology rentals.

Call or email me! Darcy Mann

Toll Free Phone: 1(800) RENT-R-PC - 1(800) 736-8772
Fax: 1(800) 440-1662
Email Me: Your Tech Travel Agent

"Call me, fax me or email me for all your technology rental needs, nationwide, worldwide."

"Think of me as your personal Technology Travel Agent!"

Cpmputer Rental Panic GirlWe're here to Help! So you don't have
Computer Panic

Lower your Classroom Computer Training Frustration with Computer Rentals

Tech Travel Agents are experts in getting the classroom training hardware and software you need. They remember all the pieces and parts that easily get overlooked.  Focus on your core competency...your computer training session.
Don't be distracted by hardware and software problems. Let us focus on our core competency.. your computer training hardware installation and management.
Your total costs and total frustration is considerably lower with a Tech Travel AgentContact a tech travel agent:

Free Backup with 10 Classroom Computer Rentals

Extra Backup Computers on SiteExtra Computer Equipment delivered as a backup
More good news, if you rent more than ten computers for a classroom training session, Tech Travel Agents will provide additional computers as a backup!

Tech Travel Agents are a big help to computer trainers. With one phone call, email or visit to a classroom equipment rental order page you can have a setup from a single computer rental to hundreds computer rentals.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Computer Rental Coordination from Tech Travel Agents

Multiple cities, One Point of Contact, One Invoice
Tech Travel Agents will coordinate multiple installations. All equipment will be preconfigured with any company training programs and data BEFORE it is delivered and installed. Multiple computer training sessions can be coordinated in multiple cities, even on the same day. Your personal Tech Travel Agent will coordinate all cities! Only one contact person is necessary to take care of all your computer training equipment needs.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Computer Training Checklist

Here is a quick checklist of common tasks that need to be accomplished on every computer training session.

1. Install all operating systems, utilities, drivers and training software
2. Install sound system, projectors, printers, wireless network access points.
3. Run network cables, printer cables, extension cords etc.
4. Tape down all wires
5. Connect to network services
6. Test each computers software and network connectivity
7. Troubleshoot installation problems
8. Dry run all computer and av equipment, diagnose and fix all problems
9. Schedule someone to be the on site computer technician to help service computer problems during training sessions.
10. At the end of the computer training, disconnect, pickup and return all the equipment to your company.

Google's New Patent Translated for SMBs

There is always great interest within the search engine marketing community whenever a search engine files for a patent. This is especially true for Google, which just recently released a new patent application. Read on to find out how Google's new patent might affect you.

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Computer Rentals for Training - Financial Considerations

Even if you own all the equipment you need for a computer training session you will save money by using the installation services of
Consider the value of your time.
Now add in the costs to buy computer equipment, logistics of computer equipment, storage of computer equipment, repair costs, and depreciation. 
If you consider all the costs, you will find that renting computer equipment for classroom training is not only the easiest solution for trainers, it is really a great value.

Computer Rental Technicians are Computer Experts

Computer Experts at your Service
By renting the equipment from a Tech Travel Agent, you also get technical expertise on location! Computer technicians can be scheduled before, after and during your computer training class. If a problem should arise, computer technicians can be dispatched at a moments notice. Technicians carry replacement parts and equipment to get problems resolved fast.
Extra Backup Computers on SiteExtra Computer Equipment delivered as a backup
More good news, if you rent more than ten computers for a classroom training session, additional computers will be provided as backup!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Computer Trainers become Computer Technicians

Trainers become Computer Technicians
Broken Computer
Trainers can become computer technicians very quickly when training computer equipment doesn't work properly. Time consuming tasks like installing software or diagnosing computer problems can chew up your entire day!

Training program organizers know how difficult it can be to ' work out all the bugs' before, during and after each training program. Execution is the key to training results and efficiencies. If not enough computers work properly, you can have a real classroom training disaster on your hands.

Computer Experts at your Service
By renting the equipment from a Tech Travel Agent, you also get technical expertise on location! Computer technicians can be scheduled before, after and during your computer training class. If a problem should arise, computer technicians can be dispatched at a moments notice. Technicians carry replacement parts and equipment to get problems resolved fast.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

CCTV Security Camera Information, News and Products

This is one site that you must visit before you buy any CCTV security surveillance product. Great information and ideas on how businesses are deploying security surveillance cameras.

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All Major Brands of Technology for Rent

Tech Travel Agents© are taking reservations now for equipment from Dell, IBM, Apple, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, NEC, Toshiba, PDP, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Tatung, Philips, BenQ, Lavalier, LG Electronics, Hitachi, ViewSonic, Sharp, Lightware, Sony, Sampo, Proxima, and InFocus.
phone: 800-736-8772 - 800-Rent-R-PC

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dual Core Desktop Computer Rentals in good quantity

Intel and Mac - Apple/Intel WaferComputer Rental Over Stock Alert!! Good Deals Now!
Geographic Location of Equipment: Midwest United States
Rental OverstockDual Core desktop computer and laptops available for rent.  We also have a significant number of P4 desktops, laptops and plasmas in
Time Period: August 23 to September 9 Good Availability Expected
Reserve equipment now and save! 800-736-8772

Warning! Plasma Displays are high-risk because they break easily!

Installing and shipping plasma displays is more difficult and more costly than LCD displays. Plasma displays are fragile and break easily. Plasma displays have a reputation for developing pixel display degradation and early life pixel failure due to damage or excessive use. Consider the replacement cost of the plasma display in your rent vs. buy cost analysis.

Renting is a convenient and viable option
Even if you attend more than one trade show per month, the costs of deployment, insurance and frequent replacement make renting plasma flat screen displays a convenient and viable option.

Article sponsored by since 1987

Desktop Computer Rentals

Wireless Network RentalApple, Dell,  Gateway, HP, HP Compaq,
NEC, Sony, Toshiba

Rent desktop and tower computers to be delivered, installed and serviced on-site at your location for any length of time. All computer rentals are available with Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office®

Wireless network cards and access points now available!    

Projector Rental Advice

Projector Rental AdviceWhen Renting a DLP or LCD Multimedia Projector, you need to match the brightness of the projector to your audience and room size. Large rooms and audiences require high bulb strength brightness. (Projector bulb strength brightness is measured in ANSI lumens or lumens).
Projectors range from around 1000 to 5000 lumens in brightness. The higher the lumen the brighter the projector.
  • Less than 1000 lumens  -good for low ambient light, presentations.
  • 1000 -2000 lumens -These are the most popular units being sold and rented today. Very practical and will work with some ambient light.
  • 3000 lumens -Much Larger unit than the1000 to 2000 lumen units. Good for audiences of less than a hundred with ambient light.
  • 5000 lumens  - For audiences of 100 or more under brighter lights
  • 6000+ lumens - For large events like conventions, conferences and tradeshows where thousands of people need to view a presentation at the same time.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just Type "Rent A Computer" in Google

Looking for a laptop rental, computer rental or other technology rental? Just type "Rent A Computer" in any search engine and you will find the original Since 1987, Rent-A-Computer has been providing technology for rent. In 1996, Rent-A-Computer became From that point on has provided computer rentals and all kinds of high tech computer equipment to businesses and governments, worldwide. If you need technology for a short time, or your in a hurry, go to and type rentacomputer. That's where you will find the best in computer rental service.

Apple Windows Computer Rental to offer Apples running Microsoft WindowsBoot Camp Introductions
Apple has introduced a new generation of Macs based on Intel® processors. The new Apple iMac and MacBook Pro products take advantage of the Intel® Core™ Duo Processor. (Macbook Pro and iMac Intel Based Apple Computer Rentals)
Called "Boot Camp," the new Intel-based Macs will run Windows XP or Mac OS X.
Photo: Excitement at the Apple Corps Boot Camp over the new windows feature.
The switch to Intel chips provided the motivation for Boot Camp.
Many computer users consider the latest version of Apple's operating system easier to use and more robust than Windows XP. Having the ability to run Windows and Mac OS allows more software to run on less hardware.
Apple stands to gain share on computer rental and notebook rental market because Apple now offers a Windows option for people who want to use Macs, but still need to run Windows for certain work applications.
The Apple Boot Camp will be available from by the end of the June 2006 according to Andrew Wendt, VP, Contact a Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 for additional information or computer rental reservations.

Contact a Tech Travel Agent at, email or call toll free 800-736-8772.

Step up to the 21st Century with Large Plasma Display Rentals

Plasma Rental WallThis century, the rental industry is more complex and dynamic than last. New product innovations such as 82” plasma flat screen displays, and dual core processors, are available for rent. More complex products mean better corporate events. If you are still using an old notebook to run your PowerPoint presentation, consider stepping up to the most modern technology with products from computer rental firms.

Visit the Plasma Rental Page:

Monday, August 21, 2006

Soldier in Iraq Kills HP Multifunction Fax Scanner Printer.. Rent one for a replacement

Here is what happens when a US Soldier gets even with his Crappy HP Printer

And here is what HP did about it: US Soldier Shoots An HP Printer Out Of Frustration - HP Sends A New Printer

Crappy HP Printer came from a friend via email, I thought it was funny. By no means do I mean disrespect for HP or the US Army. But shooting the crap out of that printer reminded me of Office Space scene where they beat the fax machine with a baseball bat. Everyone can relate to pc load letter errors, can we?

For Business or Mission Critical Operations do not use a cheap multifunction printer from HP, Dell or Cannon. If you need a replacement HP Multifunction Printer Fax Scanner, contact a Tech Travel Agent. If you would like to be a vendor, please join the TECH-ARMY Organization.

Tech Travel Agents Help with Disaster Recovery

Got a computer disaster on your hands? Call a Tech Travel Agent immediately!

Emergency technology installation services are just an e-mail or phone call away. Equipment can often be delivered within hours of your phone call.

Unexpected Service for Unexpected Disaster A disaster often happens at the worst possible time. Network crash, fire, floods and theft are the most common disasters to shut down a business. If you have a disaster and need equipment fast, contact a Tech Travel Agent. In most cases, some computer equipment will arrive at your designated location within a few business hours of your phone call.

Hardware Relocation Service If your current business location was damaged beyond use, a Tech Travel Agent can help you relocate your technology. Engineers, cable guys and installers work together to set up your temporary or permanent facility anywhere in the United States or Canada. Everything you need to get your network back up to full speed immediately.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Delivery Location Matters in the Cost of Computer Rentals

Delivery Location: Office Building or Convention Center

Convention center deliveries are generally more expensive than delivering to a business address. Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to the delivery / installation room. A convention center complex requires a concerted effort from both the rental company and the company receiving the equipment at the convention center. Often convention center Intel Centrino Wirless Wi-Fi Laptop Rentaldeliveries are more time consuming and costly to deliver, install and pickup afterwards.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Laptop Rentals - an IT Department data integrity solution

How do you keep sensitive information off of employee notebooks? Don't allow employees to travel with company laptops, notebooks, or any portable computer. Corporate IT managers have a wide variety of remote connectivity which keeps the data at corporate headquarters and off of employee notebooks.

It’s human nature to keep frequently used data and documents outside the company firewall on the notebook's hard drive. IT managers are moving to a data concentric model with data primarily residing on network connected server computers. The IT world is moving to Virtual Private Networks (VPN), intranets, or other remote user services such as Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Services, and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Fast, low cost and convenient, wireless laptops rentals are easily delivered to hotels, convention centers, and business locations throughout the world.

Snakes on a plane makes Renting a Laptop a Smarter Decision

Traveling and need access to a computer and the internet but worried about traveling with snakes on a plane?

Have a snake free, state-of-the-art wireless laptop waiting for you at your final destination rather than risking damage, theft or loss at the airport. Restrictions may be even greater in the near future.

Cool Samuel Jackson Voice Message Tool:

Emergency Disaster Computer Rental Recovery Service

Tech Travel Agents know if you are recovering from a disaster, theft or other network outage, time is the top priority! That's why features fast Disaster Recovery Service including installation and ongoing service. We get you back up and running faster than any other service. We even have purchase options on server rentals.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Was Atta carrying a Laptop Computer?

There is more turbulence ahead for executives taking their laptop computers thru airports.

Airport SecurityMany company managers are concerned about delays and loss of data over the Transportation Security Agency's latest iteration of the airline-passenger and baggage screening systems.

How many additional delays will be caused for employees traveling with technology? How many people will have access to sensitive corporate information in the airport screening process? That is the thought on the minds of many company managers.

Granted, many passengers worry about safety and welcome stringent inspections. The question, say experts, is how to balance safety with practicality while keeping delays to a minimum. The business community's concerns are the same as that of the airlines. No one wants delays, but how can you avoid them.

The two major concerns are:
1. Screening delays caused by executives traveling with laptop computers and other technology such as portable LCD Projectors.
2. Theft of computers with sensitive corporate data.

Laptop computer rentals is one solution that helps speed the process and protect company data in public spaces.

Tech Travel Agent for Computer Rentals

"Tech Travel Agent'Laptop"

A Tech Travel Agent books technology rentals the same way your travel agent books your airline, car and hotel reservations. Travel agents contact multiple vendors to create the best experience for your money. The same thing is true for Tech Travel Agents. Multiple vendor means finding great deals with world class computer installation services.

Resources available: Tech Travel Agents reserve not only the hardware technology, Tech Travel Agents manage manpower such as computer technicians, engineers, audio visual technicians, equipment installers, CCTV security cameras experts and technology event coordinators.

Tech Travel Agent clientele include: Event planners, corporate training program coordinators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, convention organizers, TV news networks, trade show exhibitors, conference planners, accounting departments, human resource (HRD), and corporate finance departments, emergency-disaster recovery management teams, universities, law firms, CPAs, consultants, other service companies and traveling executives.

Rental Equipment Hardware include: Desktop computers, laptop computers, plasma flat screen display TV, public address (PA) systems, projectors, lcd displays, copiers, printers and more. Anything a business would need to operate a branch location.

Flexible Time Frames: Rental periods for state-of-the-art technology are available booked by day, week, month, or any period of time.

Multiple Vendors for Better Price and Availability: Tech Travel Agents work with multiple vendors to ensure product availability with the best possible pricing. Multiple vendors’ means a Tech Travel Agent has the flexibility to pull together the best talents from more than one vendor in over 1000 cities worldwide. Tech Travel Agents deliver high product quality and performance with the least amount of effort from the client. Best of all, only one bill for all the work done from all vendors, presented in a easily managed quotation and invoice.

AKA: Technology Travel Agent

Wireless Router Rentals

Wireless Routers and Wireless Access Points

A wireless router is a networking device that connects computers to the internet. With a router you can share an internet connection between multiple computers on the network. Note: The internet cable needs to be connected directly into the wireless router.
Click on the link below for a fast wireless rental quote:
Wireless Router Rental

Tech Travel Agents work for YOU, the Computer Rental Customer

Tech Travel Agents are fussy about computer rentals!

If things aren't perfect on your computer rental, they get fast results.

They have a reputation of finding the best technicians, installers and engineers for your job. They know the techs who did the best job in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Davenport! Because we employ the 'best of breed', Tech Travel Agents are constantly being praised by satisfied technology rental clients. Tech Travel Agents make it very easy for you.

Copier Rentals Bridge the Gap

Rent copiers with supplies for your next event or unexpected need. Computer rentals, laptop rentals even copier rentals!

Copiers are rented for temporary offices, special projects, company audits, mergers and acquisitions, conferences, conventions and trade shows. Rented copiers are delivered and installed at your rental location.

Copiers are rented by the day, week or month and have a cost per page or supply charge in addition to the rental rate. Paper, toner and other supplies can be delivered along with the copier rental.

Tech Travel Agents book copier rentals nationwide and worldwide. Laptop rentals and computer rentals are often accompanied with copier rentals because most copiers can be used as a printer also.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Airline Restrictions makes Renting a Laptop a Smarter Decision

Have a state-of-the-art computer or laptop waiting for you at your final destination rather than risking damage, theft or loss at the airport.

Laptop rentals are easy, just call a tech travel agent and book one today.
Technorati Profile
Yes we rent Color Copiers in Coxsackie

From today’s emails:

Do you handle color copier rentals in my area - Coxsackie NY 12051

We are located 30 min south of Albany.

Dear Kelly:
Yes we rent color copiers in Coxsackie, New York 12051. We also can provide you with wireless laptop computer rental, plasma rentals, temporary networks and more!

Shall we call you or would you like to complete our online request?We will have a written quotation with model number back to you shortly after your request.

John BeagleTech Travel
Note: Customer name was changed to protect identity of Tech Travel Agent client.

Impressive Convention and Trade Show Technology Rentals

Exhibits Convention trade show booths are really impressive with multiple 42" Flat Plasma Display Screens. Try lugging one of those from your company office. Renting plasma flat screen displays from your Tech Travel Agent© is a much better idea. Wireless laptops are also popular with event planners.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Try wireless technology rentals instead

Try wireless laptops, wireless microphones and wireless projector rentals.
Going wireless is easy with a Tech Travel Agent© from Just tell us what you want to do wirelessly. We will provide everything you need without all the technical jargon. If your hotel or business has wireless internet access, it is simple to connect a rental pc, and we can help you.

Next time avoid bringing your laptop through airport security.
Don't deal with Airport Security...instead Rent A Computer
If you have to travel with technology, why not keep your files on a zip drive. Thats all the technology most of us need, if they have access to the internet. Rent a computer in London, England for as little as 200 pounds. And in the United States, for as little as $200.

Look, it doesn't make sense to carry a notebook overseas. You have to check it like baggage and thats not a good idea. Renting is so easy, just contact a Tech Travel Agent like the ones at One phone call or email, and your on your way to overseas computing. Its that easy for established customers.

Just tell us when, where and for how long you need the computer. All kinds are available, wireless notebooks, wireless laptops, desktops, printers large displays, projectors! Everything you need can be waiting for you at your destination be it a hotel, conference, business, training center, or trade show. Find out how easy it is to safely compute overseas, call 800-736-8772 or emial .
Daily and Monthly Computer Rentals
Generally speaking: Monthly computer rentals cost less per day than daily rentals. Typically desktop computers rent for less money than notebook and laptop computers.

Monday, August 14, 2006

$6 for a crappy beer rental at the Convention Center

This just in, I paid $6 for a glass of beer at the Mc**** Convention Center. I asked why so much for a single glass of domestic beer? The bartender answered, "It’s the convention center price."

Flickr Photo

"Hotels and convention centers know that most people will pay a high price. That same pricing philosophy applies to technology rentals like projectors and plasma flat panel displays.

In-House AV Service Companies Charge up to 100% More

Hotels and convention centers often have an "In-house AV service company." They charge a rate that is substantially higher than rates charged by a Tech Travel Agent© from

The 200 Pound Computer Rental

Computer Rental is 200 Pounds

If you’re an American traveling to London, England, you can hire a computer for as little as 200 pounds in London, England with just an email, toll free call or a few clicks of the mouse on

With all the fuss about carry-on luggage these days, renting is a popular idea. Besides with Zip drives and remote desktop computing, renting is very convenient and low cost.

If you have to travel, consider the laptop computer rental advantage.

1. No hassle at the airport, train or other public facility.
2. State of the art wireless laptop computers can be delivered to your hotel, business location, conference, convention or trade show.
3. Easy access to corporate data via remote desktop, terminal services, Zip Drives, Citrix, Go to My PC, intranets, wide area networks and even CD-ROM!

Contact a Tech Travel Agent Directly for rentals in the US and the UK. or 800-736-8772 [800 Rent R PC].
New Airline Restrictions means you should Rent A Computer or Laptop

Have a state-of-the-art computer or laptop waiting for you at your final destination rather than risking damage theft or loss at airport. Restrictions may be even greater going forward. According to a recent article on CNN, new airline restrictions may be here to stay.

New airline restrictions may be here to stay
CNN - Aug 11, 2006... The TSA hasn't indicated how long the restrictions would remain in place ... Nancy McKinley of the International Airline Passengers Association said the new rules ...
With ZIP Drives, remote desktop computing, internet applications, a rented computer can be just as productive as your personal computer, without all the hassle of having to lug the darn thing around.

Relax and enjoy your business trip, company project, convention or trade show, your tech travel agent will handle your technology deployment details.

Laptop Computers, Tablets and Notebooks are all available with wireless (WiFi 802.11g) technology.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Renting wireless wif laptops

Renting wireless wifi laptop computers for short term projects makes sense because it is convenient, cost effective and at the end of the project you can walk away.