Monday, December 08, 2014

Computer Rentals: How It Works And Why It Is Best For Your Next Event!

A lot of companies are interested in renting computers or other technology, but many are nervous at first because they don't know exactly how it works. Relax, allow me to give you the basic rundown of how it works and why it's probably the best option for many event-oriented occasions.

First of all, when you rent from, you know you are getting the highest quality technology available and the best technicians at a quality the competition can't keep up with.

Secondly, you save big money over the cost of buying equipment for your project. Renting is much more cost-effective than buying and totally managing technology for your event. You can get one computer, or a ton of computers. One iPad, or a thousand iPads. The list goes on. Whatever your needs are, they will be met by your very own personal Tech Travel Agent.

Thirdly, your computers will be custom configured to meet your company specifications. Our hard working technicians can even image your software right on the hard drives of the computer so that each machine is exactly like the other. And that's very convenient,  very smart, and a very cool way to save time and money!

Fourthly, computers, laptops, tablets even smartphones can be rented for as long or short as needed, a day, a show, a week, a months or even longer! Short-term rentals are always the best option for events! Companies and people rent them for conventions, trade shows, product beta testing, surveys, company training, special projects, seasonal business, temporary offices, the list goes on as more rental applications are used daily.

Fifthly, they are fast. Let me tell you about fast turnaround time: sometimes they can even ship the same day! Of course, that is depending upon your location, how many computers, and exactly how you want them configured.

1000 laptops on rental for training class

Sixthly, has a ton of suppliers with warehouses filled to the brim with computers available for rent and technicians standing by ready to configure, test, deliver and install.  More technology available, and more technicians ready to configure and install than any other single rental company in that nation. Shhh, these warehouses are in secret locations (really they are, with that much technology in one central location they have to be) around the country generally in large population areas such as New York City, LA, Las Vegas, Orlando, Houston, and Chicago, but I can't tell you exactly where we store all those computers for security reasons. I can tell you that no matter where you are in the country (or many places on the planet) can ship whatever you need and have it set up and ready to go in a timely manner.

Seventhly, your Tech Travel Agents can have real, certified technicians deliver and install everything; including networking, internet connections, cabling and more! Techs will assist in connecting computers to any company owned peripherals. At the end of the rental, the tear down and return shipping back to the warehouse can be handled by our people. It doesn't get much easier than that!

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There you go, I have given you Seven Tips on how renting works from and why it's best and most cost-effective for events. works with companies, governments, and individuals worldwide*


John Beagle said...

It's hard for most people to understand that they can rent technology for their events, this is a nice article explaining why. Thanks Brawlin and Jacob!

Randy Moore said...

"It's way easy...." that's one way to explain it. Renting from is quick, convenient, cost competitive, better than purchasing, and takes the headache away so you can get on with your work.

Kyle Thompson said...

It does save a lot of money and headache when you rent for big events. What are you going to do with 100 laptops once the event is over? Store them? Sell them? Those options are extremely time consuming and can be expensive in themselves!

Tony Cipollone said...

Imagine the time saved not having to configure each individual system and then have to set them up and tear them down for each training class or event.

Tony Cipollone said...

Imagine the time saved not having to configure each system and then set them up and tear them down for each training or event.

Tony Cipollone said...
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