Monday, October 27, 2014

4K Display Rentals Turn Any Convention Booth Into A Marvel Of The Human Eye

The latest thing to hit the world of display technology is 4K resolutions. 4K resolutions are also known as UHD, or Ultra High-Definition, resolutions, which is essentially taking your traditional 1080p full HD TV and pumping it full of steroids. The picture quality is enhanced, the sharpness is increased, the refresh rate is higher... everything is bigger and better with 4K.

Ultra High-Definition displays deliver the highest detail picture with incredible clarity and crisp images. 4K technology is currently being developed for large TVs primarily, meaning that many of the 4K displays on the market are huge, usually around 85" or larger. The bigger screens are able to take advantage of the 4K resolution much more noticeably than a smaller screen is capable of.

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What Is 4K?

But what exactly is 4K resolution? Well, 4K denotes a display resolution that is roughly 4,000 horizontal pixels. Ultra HD displays come with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is double the resolution of a standard HDTV and four times the actual pixel count. In addition to that, most traditional movie cameras film at or above 4K resolutions. Full HDTVs present us with an image of around 2 megapixels, though this new generation of screens delivers 8 megapixels.

What's The Most Cost Effective Way To Get 4K?

This new technology is exciting, which is why is excited to now be offering 4K display rentals! Display rentals are a commonality among convention vendors. Anyone setting up a booth or running a convention knows that one of the best way to make your convention or booth look more professional, have a lot of style and really draw people's attention to what you want is a big, beautiful, HD display. Display rentals from allow you to have all the pop and pizzazz of beautiful displays without the depressing drainage of your wallet that comes when you purchase something like this.

With new 4K display rentals, also allows you to rent what are known as Video Walls. Video walls are multiple displays put together to form a virtual wall, allowing you to make images larger than possible with just a single display. High pixel counts enable images to go larger and screen sizes to get bigger before they begin to distort and pixelate, creating a smoother appearance of curved and diagonal lines. In addition to that, these displays allow users to get closer to images without being able to notice individual pixels and distortion. This is what makes 4K displays perfect for something like a video wall.

4K At Your Event

Display technologies are perfect for something as simple as a convention or trade show booth or as expansive as an entire convention. Regardless of what type of display you need, how many you need or when and where you need it, there is no better option than renting a 4K display from Not only do you get fast and local delivery and installation from a certified technician but you also save money by not having to purchase something that you may only really need to use once or twice a year. With the introduction of 4K displays, your display rental can look even better!