Sunday, September 28, 2014

Google Is Taking Control Of Android Manufacturers

According to a new report, Google is going to try and take away the manufacturers say in which devices will come with Android technology already installed on them. Lots of companies like Samsung will put out products with the Android operating system, but then heavily modify them. The Samsung Galaxy line of devices all run on Android, but certain apps that come with them are specific to the Galaxy line. Google doesn't seem to be too into this.

Google wants to have more focus around their search engine. They also want to control which apps come installed on their devices right off the shelf. Honestly, it kind of makes sense, right? I mean, why wouldn't they want their own operating system to be represented in the way that they originally intended? Maybe they are starting to see the one thing that Apple has them beat on: Simplicity and predictability.

There are rumors that the relationship between Google and Samsung isn't as healthy as it would seem from the outside. Samsung has a strong desire to have as many customizable options for themselves as possible, while Google wants their Android operating system to be exactly how they want it. The two ideas clash pretty hard. Samsung, however, did agree this year to step back a little bit with the app customization.

Back in July there was also a spat between the two companies over smartwatches. Samsung wanted to use it's own operating system and focus on Android a lot less. Needless to say, that didn't really work for Google.

Samsung isn't the only company that will be affected by Google's desire to completely control Android, LG and HTC will also feel a pretty big hit. Android users in general can expect to see lots more Google on their phones in the near future.

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