Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pennsylvania Computer & Audio Visual Rentals

Pennsylvania Technology RentalsOur Tech Travel Agents tell us that Computer Rentals in Pennsylvania have been on the rise this fall. To help our Pennsylvania computer and AV rental customers out we recently updated a good number of our web pages for the area.

In addition to the updates a new page was created for Pennsylvania Convention Center Rentals and Show Information. This page should be a great help to anyone attending the Pennsylvania Convention Center as it provides links to show schedules, floor plans, directions and of course information on how to reserve your PC or AV rentals for your show.

So if you find yourself in Pennsylvania, or heading there soon for a convention or conference, and in need of a short term PC or AV rental please check out our updated pages for: Philadelphia Projector Rentals, Philadelphia Plasma Rentals, Philadelphia Laptop Rentals, and Philadelphia Computer Rentals.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Reasons To Rent A Server

Short-term server rentals are a common project that offer cost effective alternatives for IT managers to accomplish their goals. In the corporate world everything revolves around your budget and how you manage it.

Eliminate the risk of buying new servers or using a production servers for unproven or short-term projects. If you need to test new ideas and principles for you business it would be ideal to rent a server for proof of concept to save money and perfect your innovations.

Should you ever need to transfer your business locations or if you need to backup your data then a File Server Rental would be ideal. They can become temporary servers for when you shut down or perform maintenance on your existing servers and make transfers easier.

Another occurrence in the business world are disasters. Should you business suffer from a disaster such as fires, floods, and burglary, a File Server Rental will get your business back on your feet and help with disaster recovery.

There are many uses for a File Server Rental and more and more people are taking advantages of the cost savings and ease of use of these rentals. Provide an intelligent solution to your short-term project with a File Server Rental.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Los Angeles Projector and AV Rentals

Los Angeles Projector and Plasma RentalsOver 24 million people visit Los Angeles every year. A good number of them are in Los Angeles for business. Business trips that involve presentations, training classes or trade shows. All of which would be a little easier, and look a little nicer, with a short term Projector or Plasma rental delivered and set up by a qualified audio visual technician.

If you find yourself planning a trop to Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, and the logistics of traveling with your LCD Projector or Large Screen Plasma just don’t seam worth it, then you should read this article on how an Audio visual Rental could make sense for you.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Computer Rental for Virtualization Testing

A Computer Rental & Virtualization TestingAfter receiving a full sized magazine last week from Dell devoted entirely to the concept and application of Computer Virtualization we decided it was time to help educate our customers on how a computer rental could make the move to a virtualized environment all the easier.

In this story we briefly discuss the applications and benefits of moving to a virtual environment for training classes, disaster recovery, and the general reduced cost of ownership that comes from server consolidation.

Click here to request more information on a server rental for a virtualization project.