Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Renting Technology For Advertising & Marketing Exhibitions

There is a growing market for technology rentals in the advertising and marketing industry. One of the most important applications of technology rentals in this industry is setup and delivery of identity branding scheme and marketing campaign exhibits to clients, in such a way that they get to experience the brands and campaigns that your company has created for them.

Exhibiting brand identity and marketing campaigns can necessitate various degrees of immersion in the exhibitions, depending on the nature of the brand and marketing. For example, some exhibitions may require the temporary installation of an immersive environment that will surround the targeted market in a wholistic experience of the product that a client is trying to market. Others may only require a couple of computers or a flat-panel display to show video and audio of ads. However extensive a marketing exhibition is, applicable rentals can be organized under two general headings: Computer Rentals and Audio-Visual Rentals.

Computer Rentals - iPads & Tablet PCs
The most popular computer rentals for the advertising and marketing industry are iPad and tablet PC rentals. With tablet computer rentals you can exhibit any kind of software marketing campaign that runs on that tablet or any kind of video presentation of the product being marketed. Kiosk rentals are an excellent compliment to any tablet computer rental because they allow you to set up tablet computer kiosks where users can access ads and marketing exhibitions.

Audio-Visual Rentals
Applicable audio-visual rentals for the advertising and marketing industry can range wildly from projectors and flat panel displays to lighting and sound systems. What kinds of AV rentals you will need will ultimately be a function of the degree of immersion you want your clients to experience when exhibiting your branding and marketing schemes. Tech Travel Agents with Rentacomputer.com are capable of pulling together all needed AV rentals and can have entire stages installed, complete with lighting and video.

Renting technology is becoming more and more relevant in an industry that is always in demand, and Rentacomputer.com is one company that will always be there to supply!
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