Friday, July 10, 2015

"Logi" Is Logitech's Attempt At Rebranding

Over the years, household brand names begin to get stale, perhaps outdated-looking. Often times it comes in the form of a logo redesign, but once in a blue moon companies (or individuals) will go as far as to even make changes to their name. For example, do you remember Puff Daddy? Or Snoop Dogg? Does anyone even remember what the old Microsoft or Apple logos looked like?

When major changes come, companies often decide it's time for a change in their logo or even their moniker. Logitech is doing just this, unveiling some of their latest products under the name "Logi".

Companies like Apple and Logitech are among the first companies that recognize something about consumer products these days. In the age of colored smartphones and whimsical tech designs that catch the consumer's eye, tech companies are realizing it isn't enough these days to put function over form. Consumers want flashy products in which they can show off to their friends and co-workers.

And so Logitech launches Logi, a design revolution which will come in the form of an even cleaner design along with bright-colored products.

Although name changes can often be tricky, I think Logitech is attempting to save their brand much like Steve Jobs did in 1997, with his colorful, fashion-forward iMacs.

In a tech-dominated economy, Logitech seems to plan to slowly phase out the "tech" part of its name. No longer wanting to be tossed aside as a peripheral company, Logi's first products will debut soon, hoping to catch the brand up internally.

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