Friday, August 29, 2008

Plasma TV are Extremely Popular with Exhibitors

Plasma ScreenTrade Show Exhibitors are finding that Large Plasma displays are attracting quite the attention when shown off at conventions, conferences, and trade shows. The reasoning behind this is that Plasma Displays create a high quality, high resolution pictures and can even display full motion videos in their highest quality. These qualities together create beautiful pictures and video that become eye candy for everyone that passes by, and that means great exposure and marketing opportunities.

"Large 42" Plasma's are a very, very popular thing to rent for trade show booths. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display. It's right in your face marketing for everyone passing by your trade show booth." Janine Foster, Tech Travel Agent

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Event Rental Tips

When you want to make your next event worth remembering? Then make sure to contact your Tech Travel Agent at Instead of having to worry about traveling with expensive technology a Tech Travel Agent can deliver it right to your event and set it up for you.

Instead of putting off a trade show because you have old equipment or needs repaired just call a Tech Travel Agent. The inventory includes trade show displays, full complement of computer and audio video hardware such as floor or wall mounted large screen plasma displays or a professional grade public address system. We also have stage rentals which includes lighting, sound, and rigging.

Our Tech Travel Agents have on average 15 years of experience and are ready to help. They are up to date on all of our equipment and can provide you with whatever is needed.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Video Wall Rental

Video Wall RentalA Video Wall Rental is the new hot item at today’s convention centers and trade shows. With a Video Wall Rental you can get the edge over the competition by setting up your display and in the background you can place your giant plasma video wall rental to grab everyone attention walking by.

A Video Wall Rental is usually a 2x2 or 3x3 setup of Flat Screen Displays that project on all the screens to display that image as one giant screen. You can also setup the screen to display a different image on each screen also.

A Video Wall Rental is great to use in a number of situations. The most common situation for a video wall rental is a Convention Center or Trade Show as mentioned above. Some other areas that we are seeing a growing demand for Video Wall Rentals is in conference rooms to project a power point and in public advertising as in a mall.

A question that we often see is why should I rent a Video Wall? Well the reason simply is cost effective and less hassle. A Video Wall Rental can set you back thousands of dollars to buy, but when you rent you can get the best equipment for a fraction of the cost. Also lets not forget the fact that will bring all of the displays, the cabling, infrastructure, the whole package straight to your trade show or convention. When the Video Wall Rental arrives we will have a professional set-up and dismantle the entire Video Wall for you so that you will not have to worry about a thing. Also make sure to check out Video Wall Samples at rentacomputer.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Computer Rental Clientele for Tech Travel Agents

Tech Travel Agent ClienteleMany people often associate the words "computer rental" as only beneficial to those in need of advanced computer technology, such as an IT (information technology) Department. However, "computer rental" is a generic term commonly used for technology oriented around computers and covers a wide variety of products.

This also includes many products and technologies only previously available by audio visual companies such as sound boards, projectors, high definition technology, plasma displays, and lcd displays. Our laptops, desktops, and servers are designed and configured to work perfectly with most of the AV equipment listed above, and if you need other specifications on your computer rentals they can be pre-configured as directed.

Because our computer rentals are not specifically directed at IT departments, but instead cover a wide range of products and uses, there are many types of clientele that benefit from these computer rentals. Our Tech Travel Agents constantly find themselves dealing with new type of clients everyday. The most common being Event Planners, Corporate Training Coordinators, sales representatives, convention organizers, TV networks, trade show exhibitors, human resource departments, universities, law firms, conference planners, traveling executives and business professionals, and many more.