Monday, August 14, 2006

The 200 Pound Computer Rental

Computer Rental is 200 Pounds

If you’re an American traveling to London, England, you can hire a computer for as little as 200 pounds in London, England with just an email, toll free call or a few clicks of the mouse on

With all the fuss about carry-on luggage these days, renting is a popular idea. Besides with Zip drives and remote desktop computing, renting is very convenient and low cost.

If you have to travel, consider the laptop computer rental advantage.

1. No hassle at the airport, train or other public facility.
2. State of the art wireless laptop computers can be delivered to your hotel, business location, conference, convention or trade show.
3. Easy access to corporate data via remote desktop, terminal services, Zip Drives, Citrix, Go to My PC, intranets, wide area networks and even CD-ROM!

Contact a Tech Travel Agent Directly for rentals in the US and the UK. or 800-736-8772 [800 Rent R PC].

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