Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't deal with Airport Security...instead Rent A Computer
If you have to travel with technology, why not keep your files on a zip drive. Thats all the technology most of us need, if they have access to the internet. Rent a computer in London, England for as little as 200 pounds. And in the United States, for as little as $200.

Look, it doesn't make sense to carry a notebook overseas. You have to check it like baggage and thats not a good idea. Renting is so easy, just contact a Tech Travel Agent like the ones at Rentacomputer.com. One phone call or email, and your on your way to overseas computing. Its that easy for established customers.

Just tell us when, where and for how long you need the computer. All kinds are available, wireless notebooks, wireless laptops, desktops, printers large displays, projectors! Everything you need can be waiting for you at your destination be it a hotel, conference, business, training center, or trade show. Find out how easy it is to safely compute overseas, call 800-736-8772 or emial TechTravelAgent@Rentacomputer.com .

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