Sunday, October 17, 2010

National FFA Convention 2010*

National FFA Convention 2010The 83rd National FFA Convention is once again coming to the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 20 to October 23, 2010. The National FFA Organization is an American Career and Technical Student Organization for middle and high school students who express interest in as well as promote and support agricultural learning.

The National FFA Organization was founded in 1928 as the Future Farmers of America and has over 507, 763 members which are a part of 7,439 chapters scattered around all 50 states and including Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

For those of you who are not familiar with the FFA Convention, it is simply an event where FFA members from all across the country can gather and discuss future plans, participate in career development events and learn more about the future of the agricultural industry in America.

This year's FFA Convention will feature a plethora of different keynotes, discussions, workshops and activities for FFA members to partake in. Members of the FFA will be able to discuss all the ins and outs of the agricultural industry as well as exchange and brainstorm ideas about future plans and things that could improve the agricultural industry in America.

If you are planning on attending the FFA Convention 2010, then you better get your tickets now because the event is less than a week away. This is the one event you do not want to miss if you are in the FFA or interested in the agricultural industry at all.

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