Monday, June 08, 2009

2009 Remodeling Show Indianapolis Equipment Rentals*

Remodeling Show Indianapolis 2009 Equipment Rentals

The 2009 Remodeling Show will take place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from October 28 - 30. This is the only national event that allows serious buyers and sellers to meet face-to-face for serious business. Create relationships and gain knowledge that allows you to outsmart the marketplace!

Exhibitors, as the economy fluctuates, it's important you exhibit at the right trade show and have only the best in Technology and Computer Rentals. The Remodeling Show is the right place to put you face-to-face with thousands of important buyers, allowing you to make the most economical choices for your business. Make a year's worth of remodeling professional contacts in less than a week's worth of time!

Did you know that as energy and electricity costs rise, homeowners are looking for ways to save money on products and services? Did you know that more homeowners are remodeling due to the decline of home construction? Maybe you aren't too familiar with web-based marketing and sales or maybe you aren't aware that 79% of people older than 45 would rather stay in their home and upgrade it instead of moving to a new location. The Remodeling Show takes into consideration all of this information and more to bring you the best opportunities for your business.

If you plan to exhibit at The Remodeling Show, you'll need high quality technology equipment rentals! We can help! Visit our website for quotes on Computer Rentals, Audio Visual Rentals, and other Technology Rentals or call 1-800-736-8772 to speak to a Tech Travel Agent today!

* is not affiliated with or in any way authorized by The Indiana Convention Center or The Remodeling Show. is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this page in no way implies exclusivity of our services at The Indiana Convention Center or The Remodeling Show.

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