Monday, June 01, 2009

New Lead Maximizer

Lead MaximizerIf you work in any type of trade show or event business, then you know that your number one problem is gathering all this needful information and and trying to figure out the best way to transfer it into intelligent data. Well thanks to the company Event Maximizer, we now have a device that will make all the hassles of trade shows and big events much easier to handle.

The Lead Maximizer is a lead retrieval and data collection device. Built on a Blackberry platform, the Lead Maximizer is designed to make searching, filtering, query, or downloading as easy as pushing a button. This device takes real-time data and puts it on an easily accessible and secure website through an email campaign system. This means all your information is stored as you get without having to wait for downloads. The Lead Maximizer is a completely mobile device. It is battery operated so it has no need of being charged. Just pick it up and gather your information anytime, anywhere.

The Lead Maximizer comes with a multitude of features, each offering their own unique benefits. One of the features is collection device options that reads 1D andLead Maximizer2D barcode badges. The Lead Maximizer also contains seamless data backup. Once data is captured, it is immediately stored on a secure website which is easily accessible to the user. This allows you to stop worrying about lost data and and to stop waiting for the event to close so you can access and act on sale leads. With the email marketing feature, you can begin marketing initiatives and sales immediately. This feature also allows you to communicate with clients, prospects, and team members efficiently and quickly.

Among the other features is a user friendly interface, data download, standardized Lead qualifiers, custom Lead qualifiers, 100% live data on-demand, session tracking and control, data mining, a multi-lingual interface, and enhanced show management Lead Maximizerreports. Aside from all of that, the Lead Maximizer is completely wireless. You can take it anywhere and upload anything whenever you need to since there are no cables to attach to a computer or anything. You can also wirelessly add a printer to your Lead Maximizer. You will be able to print sales receipts, order forms, hard copies, or captured sales leads at the exact point of necessity wirelessly at your event.

If you are an organizer for a trade show or event, a registration contractor, or just an exhibitor and you want fast, easy access to all of your data as you get it, then the Lead Maximizer is the perfect device for you to have. Its easy access and transfer of all your data instantly to a safe and secure website beats out any other method of data gathering.

Check out the developers Lead Maximizer pdf for all the details and if you are in need of some tech rentals for your next big event or trade show then check out our Tech Travel Agent Events page.

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