Friday, June 06, 2008

File Server Rentals

File Server RentalsWe have been providing File Server Rentals since 1987 and these 20+ years of business we have delivered and installed servers all across the world including the United States, Canada, and much of Europe.

File Server Rentals are a wise choice for business managers and companies who only need the equipment temporarily, and is guaranteed to save tons of money when compared to actually purchasing the server equipment.

Why You Should rent Your Server Hardware from
  • If you are in a hurry to get your server equipment our server rentals can be delivered straight to your office, convention, or data center anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and will often arrive quicker than a traditional server purchase.

  • Server rentals are an extremely cost effective solution for short term use that may requires any extra processing power. Server rentals are perfect for short term projects such as a proof of concept, software development, temporary transfer of data such as moving office buildings, and even rendering for animation.

  • Our server rentals are fully customizable and can be configured any way you want. Load any operating system you would like and any CPU configurations such as Intel, AMD, or Motorola. We also offer server rentals from many major manufacturers including IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Blade Servers, Sun Midrange and Enterprise Level Servers, and Rackmount and Desktop File Servers.

  • All of our server rentals include a complete line of accessory options including extended storage solutions such as Tape Libraries, SAN or NAS Devices, Routers and Switches, Fiber Channel Adapters, KVM switches, Rack Mounts, Power Distribution Units and much much more.
Not only do we provide a full line of server rentals but we also supply any type of technology rentals or event rentals. Whatever your next project, presentation, or event, we are your one stop solution for any kind of extra hardware.

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