Monday, June 30, 2008

Electronic Copyboards

Electronic Copy Board
An Electronic CopyBoard is a great presentation tool. They are just like a normal white board that everyone owns. You can write on them with a marker, but this is a special marker that u have to select the color you want to write with and when you start to write on the board it will draw exactly what you are drawing in the color you selected.

There is something very special and useful about this white board though. Electronic Copyboards allow you to print out what is drawn on the board. Write your thoughts and ideas, save, share, fax, email, and print them out. Some Electronic Copyboards come with a printer already and u can print straight to that printer and handout your presentation after you are done drawing it. Other copyboards have a port that allows you to connect it straight to your computer which allows you to download your copyboard presentation to the computer and save or send out the information. has just started renting out electronic copyboards. If you would like an Electronic Copyboard please visit our Electronic Copyboard Rentals page.

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