Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apple Has Made Plans And Designs Of Their Own To Compete With The Oculus Rift

There's a common word that can either bring people to a very angry place, or a happy place. The word is "bandwagon". Many of us know this word from sporting events when your friend "jumps on the bandwagon" of the winning team. But that word can also apply to tech and tech companies, believe it or not. Take the currently hot Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. As most of you may be well aware of, this technology was recently bought by Facebook. Naturally with how many people are stoked on the idea of virtual reality in media and games, Facebook is dumping quite a bit of cash into it. This hasn't gone unnoticed by certain companies, namely Apple. Apple has never been one to stray away from something that they see as a cash cow. Anything they view that they can take, slap their logo on, design better, and charge a pretty penny for, they will take.

Naturally, seeing a company as large as Facebook getting a hold of the Oculus Virtual Reality tech, Apple has now put in a patent to make their own Virtual Reality headset technology in order to compete with Facebook and Oculus.

Much like the rumored and now confirmed iWatch, the possibility of Apple coming out with their own version of a Virtual Reality headset has been circulating for some time now. With this patent, they have now proven the rumors to be true.

Even though the rumors have now been shown to be true, that doesn't the patent has necessarily been granted. As of now, the patent has been rejected, but it isn't necessarily done for. Apple had the plan of just augmenting, or "touching up" one of their previous patents. Since it has now be rejected though, Apple now has the option of a rebuttal or just giving up on the patent all together.

However even with the patent being rejected, this doesn't mean that the patent itself didn't show specific image designs of what we could be looking at in the future. The designs showed something that looked reminiscent of the Oculus goggles, but with some nuances to differentiate themselves obviously. For example, the new HMD (head-mounted display) is being designed to connect to other Apple products such as your iPod or iPhone. It's all about the connectivity these days! The connectivity could be wireless or wired depending on your Wi-Fi connection and will be able to connect to things like Apple TV to offer you your media on a personal display while you're away from home.

While it's nice to see all the connectivity features that will eventually come with Apples new Virtual Reality headset, there are a few things missing from the design. For one, there is no specification on what the resolution will be for the display. They will obviously have to compensate the screen size and pixel size/count to the distance from the display to the eyes. With that being said, Apple has noted that it will be like "watching a movie." Hopefully it turns out that way. The next thing missing from the design is something that Oculus has a leg up on: gyroscopes and accelerometers. These two components help in giving the user a more immersive experience. Basically when you look left in the real world, your view point on the headset will also look left in the virtual world.

It's safe to say that with Facebook blazing down the trail to make Oculus the best that it can possibly be, Apple will definitely be putting more focus on their own Virtual Reality headset just to compete.

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