Sunday, April 13, 2014

Amazon To Release Their Own Smartphone This Year

Amazon has decided to expand their horizons into the smartphone market. The company has reportedly decided to debut their new handset this fall.

The rumor of this happening has been around for years. There have been supposed leaks and people talking about it, saying they have had information, but you can never really believe it until there is some solid evidence. On Friday, The Wall Street Journal came out and said that Amazon is for sure planning to announce their very own handset some time in June.

The Wall Street Journal also said that Amazon has been showing off their new device to different developers in the Seattle and San Francisco areas for a few weeks, having them meet up at a hotel suite guarded by heavy security. Reports from some of the insiders say that the phone is supposed to be released to the public some time at the end of September. It will feature four different front facing cameras to track your face and your eyes, and will use the technology to offer a 3D viewing experience without the use of any type of glasses.

All of the rumors in the past have mainly focused on silly details that most wouldn't care about, like the online shopping possibilities that may be included. But, these recent reports make us think that this phone may have more to offer than a few silly gimmicks.

Sources have said that the first order for these new phones will consist of about 600,000 units, and that Japan Display has been producing at least one of the phone's components.

Everyone isn't so on board with the idea of this new device though. Lot's of people think that Amazon is getting too far away from it's roots, and that the new device will likely flop. I think that these people are forgetting that this is still the same company who put out the Kindle, which is an extremely successful and popular device. As a matter of fact, the Kindle was responsible for taking away more of the iPad's costumers than any other tablet in late 2013. So if that is any sign of how the phone is going to do on the market, it's actually got a pretty good shot.

Production for the device is supposed to start this month. We should see the first glimpses in June, and we'll be able to see it in person in September. I'm pretty excited to see what it's all about, and see how it does going up against Apple's iPhone 6, which will likely come out around the same time.

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