Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rack-Mount Server Rentals

Rack-Mount ServerWhen it comes to technology rentals, one of the most useful things you can rent is a server. Server rentals are perfect for anybody who needs a fast and easy temporary server. However, it isn't always easy to know what type to get. One of the more popular server rentals offered by is a Rack-Mount Server Rental.

Any server you rent from will offer great performance and reliability, but rack-mount servers have many advantages over your traditional tower server or other type of server. Rack-mount servers offer a greater ease of access for mounting and servicing, allow for an increased air flow, increased utilization of vertical space and a lower power consumption than conventional tower servers.

But just because you rent a server doesn't mean you are finished. You also have to consider an operating system. can custom load any server operating system you need for your rack-mount server rental, including the newest edition of Microsoft's server operating systems, Windows Server 2008. New and improved product features, like Hyper-V virtualization and Remote Desktop Services and Internet Information Server 7, are just a few features Windows Server 2008 has to boost productivity and ease the cost and burden of server administration.

One question gets all the time when it comes to a server rental is "How many cores does my server need?" Most servers have multiple processors and each processor has multiple cores. How many cores your server needs will need depends on what type of services you are going to be implementing with your server. If you are unsure, then your Tech Travel Agent will have the answer. Just let your Tech Travel Agent know what you will be using your rack-mount server rental for and he or she will tell you exactly how many cores you need.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a temporary rack-mount server, consider a rack-mount server rental from has over 20 years in the technology rental industry which means when you rent from them, you are renting from a name you can count on.

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