Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Connecting Your Projector Rental

With projector rentals becoming a popular item to bring to trade shows events and business meetings, we thought it would be important to inform you on how to connect your projector to a video source using a common connector. Connecting a projector to a video source such as a computer or dvd player is an easy task. If you look on the back of your projector rental you will usually see the common connectors:

• Dual VGA - This is the most common and flexible projector connection type. This is a very versatile option that is mostly meant to be used with home/work projectors and often seen when connecting the projector to computers.
• Component Video - This is a relatively flexible connection type which carries an analog HD video signal. When dealing with HD input sources, either HDMI or Component Video can be used. However, Component is recommended for HD when dealing with cabling longer than 30 feet.
• HDMI - This is one of the most common found connection types in the Projector world being that it is optimized for video and can carry both a High Definition video and audio signal. HDMI is common on newer video sources such as DVD and Blu Ray video players.
• S-Video - This is great connection type to have around as a backup for older video sources. Although using S-Video will produce a noticable decrease in image quality, it is compatable with many older video sources that will not work with HDMI or VGA.
• Composite Video - Similar to S-video, a great backup for older video sources but it is in fact the lowest form of video connection and will be noticeable.

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