Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Copier Rentals Nationwide

Copier Rentals 800-736-8772Tech Travel Agents have been booking computer rental equipment including Copier Rentals in over 1000 cities for over 20 years.

Tech Travel Agents book just about any office computer, printer, copier or trade show equipment or event rental you can imagine.

With our Tech Army Troop Count currently at 13,756, we can deploy solutions even faster in more cities.

Top Reasons to Rent a Copier from your Tech Travel Agent:

* Copier rentals can be delivered right to your trade show, conference center, hotel, or office anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

* Copier rentals are fast, convenient, and cost effective solution for your short term document reproduction needs. Perfect for those times when large projects require extra in-house horsepower or for offices that have a seasonal need, such as in the Tax Preparation Industry.

* A copier rental from your Tech-Travel agent provides the best convenience. It is critical that your technology works for your short term technology project. Projects such as out of town events, when transporting heavy and expensive equipment is not an option. One call to your Tech Travel Agent is a great way to avoid the hassle and worry of getting the copier equipment you need, when you need it, anywhere in the U.S, the U.K. and Canada.

* Copier rental standard inventory include: large and small volume copiers, related products: Hewlett Packard LaserJet Fax Machines, Multifunction Devices, Color Copiers, Scanners, and LaserJet Printers.

* Copier accessories available for rent include: Automatic Document Feeders (ADF), Duplex Support, Staple and Collate capabilities, and more, are available to make your copier rental as productive as possible.

Stay up with the latest news on short term technology solutions for business by visiting our Blog on Computer Rentals.

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Tip: Tech Travel Agents not only supply copier rentals but also a complete line of technology and event rentals. So, when your next project, training class, sales presentation, or event, calls for extra hardware, remember www.Rentacomputer.com is your one stop solution.

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