Friday, April 18, 2008

New LCD Projector Rental Products

New Projector Rental Products
Did you know our Tech Travel Agents are now offering are several new Projector Rental Options?

  • DVD Projectors with DVD players built right into a traditional LCD projector are now available for conventions, tradeshows, conferences and events.

  • New Wireless Projectors using 802.11g Technology allow a computer user to wirelessly connect and display the computer on a video screen. With one PC to many Projectors, and many computers to one projector capability.

  • Large Venue Projectors are now available for those times when the audience size demands the most powerful projection technology on the market.

We want to help! When considering your next projector rental be sure to tell us about your event size and venue layout. Our Tech Travel Agents have on average 15 years of experience to help make your event the best it can be.

To stay up with the latest Projector News be sure to check out our Projector Blog or click here for more information about a Projector Rental.


Martina said...

This LCD is very great so is but very beautiful.

Martina said...

This prjector is very nice.