Friday, December 23, 2011

Projector Screen Rentals

Projector ScreenTraveling with technology can be a pain, especially if you have a lot of things to take with you or if what you are traveling with is very valuable, important or breakable. One thing that many people hate traveling with is a projector screen. Projector screens are big and can easily be broken which is why it is such a hassle to take them with you. That's where comes in. offers a full range of quick and affordable Projector Screen Rentals. There are many different types of projector screen rentals like Portable Tripod Screens, Folding Screens, Large Venue Screens, Inflatable Outdoor Screens, Screen Dress Kits, Wireless Presenters, Portable Projector Stands or anything else you can think of that you may want or need. has it all. also has screens from all of the top names in the industry including Elite, Da-Lite, Draper, InFocus, Optoma, BenQ, Canon, Dukane, Eiki, NEC, Sharp, Sony and Vivitek. There are also a plethora of screen sizes including 6' to 8' portable tripod screens, 6' x 8' to 9' x 12' folding screens, 22.5' x 40' large venue screens or 9' to 12' inflatable outdoor movie screens.

There are also a number of things to consider before getting your projector screen rental, like the native resolution of your projector, the height of the ceiling in the room in which you will be using the screen and the distance from the screen to the audience. No matter what you need, can handle it. With over 20 years in the business of nationwide technology rentals, you know that when you go with you are going with someone you can count on.

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