Saturday, March 05, 2011

Amazon Extends Its Reach to Japan

Amazon recently expanded its remote computing service to Japan. That's right, the Land of the Rising Sun has been added to Amazon's remote computing services after the company found out that developers in Japan required more data storage as well as faster data transfer times.

AWS, the Amazon Web Service, has just opened a Tokyo Region Cloud Services and computing resources dedicated to Japan. The company offers Amazon EC2, which is a virtual computer rental service, as well as Amazon S3, a web storage service. Both services have a Japanese forum as well as a Japanese web site.

Amazon used the term Region to call its Amazon Web Services due to the computing resources which are dedicated to Japan. However, the company did not say where the resources are located which implies that the data centers may be located somewhere else.

Amazon's Web Services began in 2006 and is estimated to have 330,000 developers using the service. Amazon Web Services also has other regions which include Singapore, Europe and the United States. The access, data storage and general computer use from a remote location is known as Cloud computing.

Amazon began in 1995 as an online retailer but quickly expanded to a plethora of online businesses. Amazon is only one of the cloud service providers in the world with one of its fiercest competitors being Rackspace. The two companies find different ways to provide users more control over their data in the cloud.

Source: Top Tech Reviews - Amazon Web Services Expands to Japan

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