Monday, February 07, 2011

2011 Tech: What You Should Expect

20112011 is poised to be a big year in the world of technology as companies are seriously finding out what they can do with their products and their technology. There was some good stuff released in 2010 that will show up in some more advanced tech in 2011 so be ready to see some familiarity among products.

Microsoft finally entered the motion control gaming market in late 2010 with their release of Kinect for the Xbox 360. Kinect allows the gamer's entire body to be the controller so nothing tangible is used to play the games. You control on-screen events and actions by waving your body about in certain motions. The company behind that technology is PrimeSense and they are going to supply that technology to Home Theater PC (HTPC) companies in 2011 in order to give movie and TV watchers the functionality of their remote control without their remote control. Look for gesture-controlled devices coming sometime in 2011.

Tablets were a huge thing in 2010 and they are only going to get bigger in 2011. Research in Motion (RIM), who made the BlackBerry, is poised to unveil their entry into the tablet market sometime in 2011. The device, known as the PlayBook, will battle against the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Dell Streak, the HP Slate 500, the iPad and a whole host of other tablets in 2011. There are a lot of other companies besides computer ones that are interested in jumping on the tablet bandwagon so be prepared to see a lot more tablets coming your way this year.

Wireless displays are something that aren't being talked about a whole lot, but it does appear that they are set to unleash in 2011. The WiGig Alliance said back in November that they will partner with VESA, the international non-profit company that has been known to support as well as set industry-wide interface standards on workstations, PCs and consumer electronics on a wireless DisplayPort. This device will support the same two-way speeds that a wired DisplayPort has and will carry audio as well as video for almost any type of display device from tablets to monitors. AMD, Broadcom, Dell and Micrososft have already hopped on board with the WiGig Alliance and a few big movie studios are showing interest as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new tech in 2011. There are so many more great products and ideas on the way that I could write for days about. These are some of the main ones that a lot of people will be interested in but keep checking back here as we will be giving you up-to-date information on all the latest technology news.

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