Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Event planning tips and travel advice

conventions plaining tipsHave you been given the task of searching for the location of your next conference, trade show or convention? There are a few things one should consider when making this decision. Here is some information you may find handy when considering your site selection.

1. Size and place.

Many conventions, conferences and trade shows become larger than the last one; therefore size and space is always a concern. When a convention out grows a hotel room, you may want to consider checking into a convention center or exposition space. Look around the community and see if there is something that can fit your group's needs.

2. Hotel & room rates.

Be sure to check how many hotels there are in the area of your convention, how many open rooms are available? Many hotels give discounts for booking in advance and booking a large number of rooms.


Finding a place for your convention close to an airport is a big plus. No one wants to drive a long distance after a lengthy flight, checking the drive time from the airport to the event is a wise idea and those attending will be appreciative. You should also check for direct flights from your city to the city of the event.

4. Unique considerations.

What is it about your group that would make it stand out in one city compared to another? This is something only you would know so be sure to look around and find the right destination.

5. Contracts and agreements.

Never sign a contract without reading all the fine print. Make sure your convention can not be canceled or replaced with another event in a certain time frame.

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