Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Polycom Video Conferencing Equipment Rental

We have just upgraded our Video Conferencing Units in London, England. We now offer a complete video conferencing rental package including venue/room if needed.

Rent a Video Conferencing Unit Available in UK/Europe Only

All Equipment is Polycom including Models VSX7000s and VSX8000

The Polycom VSX 7000s:
-The VSX 7000s is an updated version of the Polycom VSX 7000. The VSX 7000s has a XGA port built on to the back where as the original VSX7000 required an adapter to connect to an XGA monitor.
-The Polycom VSX 7000s can be placed on top of any TV or XGA display, providing quality video conferencing and can support additional displays, Polycom microphones, a speaker kit, additional Polycom network modules, multipoint features and more.
-The VSX7000s features optimal motion handling and video resolution and is capable of providing natural motion and clear images for an optimal videoconferencing experience.
-The Polycom VSX7000s is Polycom’s latest set-top platform for videoconferencing. The VSX 7000s supports up to 2Mpbs calling, H.264 video compression, 14KHz audio, and H.239 PC content support. The Polycom VSX 7000s can also support ISDN with optional network modules. The VSX7000s can also be upgraded to a 4-Site multi-point system.

The Polycom VSX 8000:
-Designed for complete conference room integration. The VSX8000 has a sleek design; professional connectivity and versatile functionality that make it perfect for integrated or custom Polycom conference room environments.
-The Polycom VSX 8000 has balanced line level input, an integrated VGA input and can support additional network modules in the back of the Polycom codec unit.
-The VSX 8000 uses Polycom StereoSurround™ to deliver crisp, natural voice clarity with dual channel technology. The VSX8000 features premium video quality at varying bandwidth capacities and has natural motion and clear images. The VSX 8000 also supports H.264 for TV-like motion and clarity

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