Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rent a pc from Rent R PC 1-800-736-8772
Easy Phone Number to Remember
1-800-Rent R PC
Easy to order just call!

Laptop PC Rental $149/wk*Wireless-Fast-Office

PC Rental Pricing is Based on 4 Factors

Time, Location, Specification & Availability

Desktop PC Rental $199/mo*
17" Monitor-Office

Pentium 4 desktop PCs generally rent for less per unit than notebook and laptop PCs. Costs vary by length of time, location, specification and product availability. Monthly pc rentals cost less per day than daily rentals. Call us, we will make sure we get the exact product to meet or exceed your specifications.

Network PC Server Rental
Tower - Rack Mount -RAID

Easy to order
just call!
800 Rent R PC
800 7368 7 72

* prices subject to location, availability and supply

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