Friday, July 21, 2006

Hire a Computer the UK Way

Hire a Computer the UK Way

When one hires a computer in the UK, they are actually renting a computer. Hiring/renting in the UK can be treacherous and tricky due to the differing rules and policies for logistics, labour and taxes.

Additional Planning Needed

Due to overtime and weekend labour restrictions in the UK and Europe, installations for large projects such as conventions, trade shows and conferences need to be planned more in advance than in the US or Canada. Trucks can not operate on Sunday in some areas, and labour is scarce on weekends. Depending on the size of your installation you may have to start on a Wednesday for a Monday show due to the fact that you can not set up over the weekend.

Expert Help from a Tech Travel Agent

For these reasons you need an expert when hiring computer and audio visual equipment overseas. An expert Tech Travel Agent can reserve and help plan a flawless installation in the UK or anywhere in Europe. If you need to hire 42" plasma flat screens, wireless notebooks and audio systems, all you need to do is contact a Tech Travel Agent toll free at 800-736-8772, contact them via email at or visit our website to get a quote on U.K. Computer and Audio Visual Equipment rentals.

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