Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Plasma Rentals Up Big

Rentacomputer.com Plasma TV Rentals

Plasma Rentals Up Over 200% for Trade Shows, Conferences and Conventions

Plasma Flat Screen Display Monitors are everywhere at trade shows, conferences and conventions. And getting one is as easy as contacting a Tech Travel Agent!

Plasma displays create a quality image for corporate events. Oranizers rent floor standing and wall mounted Plasma TVs enhance their image and to inform visitors of events and floor mapping for trade shows and conventions. They play full motion video with the highest quality possible but are a big risk and inconvenience to transport, that's why it's always best and cost-effective to rent.

If you need to rent a Plasma TV for your corporate event, you'll want only the best in the business. Rentacomputer.com can help. Visit our website today for
more information or fast quotes on Plasma TV Rentals. Or, call a Tech Travel Agent at 1-800-736-8772.

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