Thursday, January 29, 2015

How Can Playing Games At Your Event Make You Money?

Let's be honest. We've all been sitting in our office or at our desk trudging along through a bad work day, so we decide to play a game to get our minds off of it, or just to kill time. Maybe you want that new high score on Fruit Ninja. Maybe you want to beat your friend on Trivia Crack. Believe it or not, these games are giving way to a new trend to keep customers involved at trade shows.

Gamification And You

That might sound a bit far-fetched, but the same exact way we play games is being used today to make trade shows and business events more interactive. Finally!

What Is Gamification?

The term currently being used now is gamification. Let me clear up this unfamiliar term for convention goers and even some business planners. Gamification is essentially a way to use game mechanics and thought processes in a non-gaming situation, such as interactive booth at your next event. It can help increase the overall interaction and contributions to your event and whatever service or product you may be showing off. Or just to keep people interested in your booth, maybe they will notice one of your products or services whilst they are playing one of your games!

What's The Best Way To Add This To My Event?

When you implement gamification into your business events, you're allowing a much larger and broader audience to feel more engaged because you're giving them some sort of goal to achieve. Think in terms of a contest using a large quantity of iPad Rentals to make the contest interactive. Throw the results onto a large screen monitor and watch as passersby stop to see what all the commotion is about. When that person stops, you have a much higher chance to engage them and possibly add a new potential customer to your clientele.

Why It's So Effective

Think about every time you've played a video game and you've beaten a level or beaten the game or made some kind of achievement, that feeling you get. That same gaming concept can be implemented into directly into the event or your specific booth at the event. When you put something interactive that comes with some sort of achievement, you're able to target a person's drive and motivation. Any type of prize can rope in new customers. After all, no matter who you are, it always feels good to win something.

Create something upon your rented iPads or laptops and show all of the results in real time upon the large display monitor(s) so that everyone can see just how well they are doing. The more information about the product, service, or business that you put into the "game" itself means that those people playing and/or watching will have more information on just exactly what it is your offering and what you can do.

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Summing It Up

The overall point of gamification is interactivity and engagement. When you have something interactive at your booth, people are much more likely to stop, thus making it easier to engage them regarding your services and products.

Be sure to try this at your next event! Get a hold of all the tech rentals you need to make your booth the most fun and interactive at the event. Stop working and start playing!

This information originally appeared on Gamification-Wikipedia

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